MCD Election Results 2017:

MCD Election Results 2017: A lesson for The Aam Aadami Party.

 After the Long Election procedure the Delhi MCD Election Results were declared on 26th of April with BJP winning all the three Municipal Corporations by winning 181 out of 270 seat and defeating AAP with 48 seats and Congress with 30 seats.

MCD Elections are a perfect example of failure of party organization and connecting with voters at the ground level. If we go through the overview of each party we would find that it has again proved a big lesson for AAP party whereas in the success of BJP credit goes to the mistakes made by AAP.

Important Mistakes of AAP.

1. Political parties are not made only for winning elections, they are mentioned to win the hearts of voters. They need to take the work to the people. What’s the reason of the party behind the MCD Election? Why MCD Elections were important to be won for AAP party? What have they done if they had won MCD Elections? Also how they are different then the BJP? Some of these questions are needed to be clear in the party throughout the campaign and within the party workers well.

2. Unfocussed Party Agenda: AAP party claims that MCD is the most corrupt organization. If we agree then it would have proved the most important issue in the campaign. But the party failed to fire the important issues. Thus was due to unfocussed party agenda. Rather the party was immersed in targeting the PM which was not the issue of the overall campaign.

3. Organizational Failure: AAP has done very good work in the State as compared to the previous government in the state. But still it failed to gain the confidence of the Delhities. It even failed to maintain its votes share in Delhi 52% and came down to 25%.
Party failed to connect to its own AAM AADMI and focused on its problems. Also the new schemes were failed to be taken to the people, all because of the failure of organization.

4. 67/70 overconfidence : Winning is an event and Success is a Journey. The party failed to recognize that it’s not the winning that matters but the continuous work that runs the state. If u want to see what’s the reality u need to be impartial while using the reality. Once u judge and infer something we need to accept the reality and take respective measure for the desired outcome. Party failed to recognize the mood of the people. Even thought recognised it failed to accept it as seen from the statement after the results.

5. Blaming EVM was a bad game: As soon as the results were declared the Party blamed the EVM for its defeat. First of all disrespecting EVM is disrespecting the people’s mandate and similarly disrespecting the Democracy. And this is shameful. We must accept the results. If EVM were tampered now and don’t believe in 181/270 mandate then we also don’t believe the mandate 67/70.

6. Kejriwal=AAP & AAP=Kejriwal: It is found that the party is totally centralized on one man. If anyone disagrees he is dumped. The most laughable movement was when the Delhi said the National Chief of the party and the Delhi chief be himself. Means what a greedy man is he that he wants all the post and power in his hand only. The leader should be big hearted. And the organization should be expanding by decentralizing power within the associates.

7.Ignorance of its base: The party is emerged from a movement. It has some motive behind its formation and it’s existence. It introduced a new style of politics which was accepted and supported by all the people. This is needed to be preserved and grown efficiently.

BJP’s Victory

1. Strong LEADER: The main difference between AAP And BJP is the strong leadership. Modi in the centre affects the overall nerves of the party and the mood of the nation. Whenever there is crisis the people urge for leadership and the Leader must be always ready serve the leadership required. This and this only strengthens the confidence of the party. And the BJP has it.

2. Party Organization: The party is ever expanding daily. Not only in its bastion but also where it had nothing. This is only because of its strong party organization and its strong organizational leader Amit shah. Due to which despite its corruption charges in MCD it again gained it’s hold.

3. Diluted Anti-incumbency: The very smart move played by Amit Shah is its decision to cut the tickets of all it’s incumbent corporators and all the candidates were new and fresh. This helped in total dilution of anti incumbency of the BJP.

4. AAP’s mistakes paved the BJP: All the above mistakes listed in the APP’s section were like Googlies to the BJP.

CONGRESS: The only thing about Congress I would like to say is that it need to shift it’s party president ship into the hands of a non-Gandhi person. It’s the need and alarm for the Congress to survive. It’s it will vanish even though it has enough to tackle the BJP.

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