It’s all about Growing!!!

This is about an year ago. When everything was going good, college life, personal life and was walking confidently towards my goal. I was in my third year BE and the only goal I put forward was to score high, get my aggregate above 55%, and crack anyone of the Company in the upcoming Campus, next year. I was working slowly and steadily towards my aim.

I live in a small town of Alandi, as it’s not my native place, I came here for my graduation. Alandi is a Holy place of Sant Dnyaneshwar. It is called as the WORLD PEACE CENTRE. There is a Temple of Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj who had been a very renounced Sant in the soils of Maharashtra. Alandi is blessed with the holy feet of the Sant and also with the flow of the Holy river Indrayani. On the banks of the River there is the Temple and hence the entire city has created it’s name as one of the well known Pilgrims in India.

On the banks of river Indrayani, is built the beautiful ghat where students of our college come to spend some time. The Indrayani Ghat is very peaceful, it is built on both the sides of the river, there are stairs and sliding path to the river water. That day me and my friends decided to go to the Ghat. Me and friends set off. It was the exam time and we were bored studying for hours. We packed our bags and went to the Ghat from the college back gate. We had a great time. There we did nothing but relaxed and talking with each other and cracking jokes. This is all what a happy life is when you have your beloveds with you, a pleasant place to spend some quality time with.! The cool blowing winds, the huge Ghat, the peace of spirituality, the flow of river and the charming sunset. This filled my heart with happiness and prosperity. Felt a great relief and rejoiced. Then we left for the hostel.

Coming from the Ghat we often cross the back gates of our college and in a corner of our back gates there is a nursery. I usually notice it many times but today I gave some special attention. And then I decided to have a look to the nursery. As soon as we entered we were amazed with the fragment smell of rose. There were a lots of variety of flowers. Though Parijat is my favourite, I love the presence of flowers and the charming smell of wet soil. I didn’t planned but I am a great admirer of Holy Basil, Tulsi. And I took a small sapling of Tulsi. Sapling is not enough then I took a brown color pot to place it, grow it. When I was leaving the place suddenly i found a handing pot that amazed me alot. Instantly I suggested to purchase it. But what to do with the empty pot!!? And then the Gardner suggested me to take this creeper. It was a beautiful plant with spreaded green stems and colourful flowers of blue, magenta, pink, violets,etc. I loved it and I brought it.
In my room I have a window above the study table. That was the only place where I could keep my Tulsi plant with half window open. And to keep the other one I purchased a hanging one and hung it on the windows of the corridors.

Dayz passed and the plants were growing. I used to water them full daily in the morning. Tulsi is very pure. When I was small my mother used to place some leaves of Tulsi under my tongue before going for exams. She told me not to eat them until u finish the paper. Once finished eat them. I never asked reason because I liked it’s taste, freshness and purity. Weeks after one of my friend Pavan came to Alandi. He saw the plant, liked it and asked for it. I gave him without uttering a single word.















Many a times in life, time comes when u have to make choice while sharing things and many time we are so much attached to things, people and conditions that we can’t bear even to think of sacrifice a little about it.


But life doesn’t stop,

Either we fail or win,

Either we are sad or happy,

Either we hold or loose,

Life never stops,

It’s all about Growing.

But then one day I found the stems leaving it’s freshness and the plant was covered with a white sticky larva. It covered the stems and roots if the plant. The plant almost stop growing the flowers stopped blooming. The sapping was caught by some infection which started degrading the plant. I was getting nervous as I was unable to help from suffering. Then I decided to was the stems with water and remove the sticky larva. I did it once and found that it’s too sticky. I needed to wash my hands twice after cleaning. But again after some days the condition remained the same. The plant was again covered with the sticky larva. I again washed it. Again it used to come and used to wash. After some dayz I got fedup of these tedious and donkey work. Even I refused to give a watch to the plant. Some times I even ignored it also. But couldn’t do that for longer. One undone sunday I decided to cut the stems of the plant so that the root of the problem will be uprooted forever. I took the plant and a gillete blade. Now I started cutting the stems from the base leaving a small part. Slowly all the stems were uprooted and the big full plant was turned into empty and unpleasant one. I was happy that I cured the disease. But suddenly I realize that though I cured the disease but I lost the plant.

I was stunned with the scene. I never expected this anymore. I was upset. Though it was just a plant but my feeling and emotions for the small plant was beyond that. I felt the freshness when the flowers were blooming in the spring, I felt the pain when the larva degraded the plant. When the larva covered the plant, I found myself being called by someone for help who is being stucked in a problem. And my concern towards the needy was very genuine and immediate. But when I had cured the disease I was happy for curing it but got shocked when I found the the thing that the patient I was curing was no more. There was only the soil and some half left roots n stems of the plant.

I was very upset and don’t guess wat to do further. I was sure that I have lost someone truly worthy of being with me. But I was useless. I was so upset and hopeless that I impacted on my daily routine also. I was constantly thing of the scene whereever I go.

Dayz passed and the incident left an ever lasting impact on me. My self often questioned me, argued with me and filled me with guilt. Why I did this? Was my intention unclear,untrue?

One fine day I woke up late and started preparing for my college in a hurry. I brushed my teeth and flushed up in hurry. After bathing it’s my daily habit of washing my clothes and put them for drying in the corridors of my room. The place is just beside the hanging plant. I came out with wet hair on towel, rinsed the soaked clothes and as soon I placed them on the bars I suddenly noticed the plant. Initially i was surprised and then I was happy. Though I was late for my college but still I gave 2 minutes and gave some attention to the miracle. Yes it was a miracle because I don’t knew it’s reason. That day I was very happy and was filled with full of hopes. But the question remains the same that what made me amazed with that one scene? Even though I was late why did I gave 2 minutes? Why that 2 minutes gave me the happiness throughout the day?? There are many such questions that raised in my mind that day. That day I did all the classes, practicals and lived each moment with complete zeal. But u might be surprised that what actually happened that made me so happy!! So here it is.

That morning when I saw the pot which I ruined by cutting stems and roots was enlightened with a small, new and fresh stem with green little leaves. there was no water from dayz, no special care, no fertilizer to nourish, even the original plant was destroyed by me thoroughly. But still a small little angel grew like a small ray of hope. It had nothing in favour neither the soil nor the condition but still it showed the courage to take a new birth in the worst condition. This is what amazed me. Because though whatever the conditions are in life either good or bad nothing remains constant and they won’t define you, but what’s constant is the nature of Growing!!!

That day I made a firm commitment to myself that even if it’s the last day of my life still I’ll be happy to start a new innings.

After that day I took good care of that small plant. I watered it daily and adequately. Someday later the small leaves grew into big stems as can be seen in the picture. Along with it some more stems also grew along with that stem. These were the children of the same roots that I have destroyed earlier.

Important lessons:

  • Ups and downs never define us they are just to design our destiny.
  • Conditions, things and people are stationary don’t get attached with them.
  • Change is the only Constant in the World.
  • Never give up.
  • Even it’s the last day if my life I’ll still plant a new seed.
  • It’s all about Growing.

Peep in your life and see your life with open eyes. See the beauty, happiness and joy. Don’t over exaggerate. Don’t close ur eyes when it’s the worst time. See the sadness, sorrow, sufferings, etc. Don’t lower when u suffer because they are not constant. It’s going to change.















Equanimity is the path of Enlightenment.


After that incident I always took care of my plants, people, my relations and mee of course. Because whatever happens what is good is always needed to be cared and not left…!

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13 thoughts on “It’s all about Growing!!!”

  1. Sammya, firstly hat’s off for the beautiful observations from the Glory of Nature. I strongly agree that Nature always amazed us by its existence and power to ‘Grow and helping to Grow others too.’

    Very amazingly narrated the beauty of Ghat on the bank of river Indrayani. Now, I am also excited to visit there.

    As a medicine can cure the outer wound, the lap of Nature can surprisingly heal the inner pain and discomforts, giving the immense pleasure to this mighty MIND. In our bad time, suggesting this mind that ‘its not the End man, its jus the Beginning. Get up and Grow; The Silver Linings are waiting to enlighten you.’

    I always believe and keep saying ‘Nature is the Best Teacher’, and now I would say Sammya, you have proved yourself as a nobel student.

    While reading, many Golden memories of us reminisce. I remember during exams I use to ask you, “Sammya, what’s that in your mouth!” and you replying “The Tulsi” in response.

    I always say, ‘Friendship has Altruism’ and while reading too I related incidents with the friendship. Sometimes in friendship we need to take some hard decisions for the benefit of well-being of our Friend; and not every friend does this: except The True one. The intention is never melvolent rather than expecting a great vanquish for them. After all the endeavor and our resilient nature only will let us enjoy the savor of beautiful beginning: Beginning of GROWTH.

    ~ miss you my Friend(Zendu: The Marigold of my Life – Samruddha)

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