President of India: Overview of the Battle

And yes all the suspense is clear. The most awaited candidates for the prestigious battle of Indian President are here with Sir Ram Nath Kovind being the NDA led candidate and Madam Meira Kumar being the UPA led Opposition candidate. Now let’s see how the fight would all be like.

Let us first check the background of the candidates.
NDA Candidate: Ram Nath Kovind 

  • He was the present Governor of Bihar.
  • He hails from the state of Uttar Pradesh and from dalit community called Koni Community.
  • He had done graduation from the Kanpur University
  • He got selected in Civil Services in his 3rd attempt but refused to join it as he did not got IAS.
  • He has a great experience of advocating for about 16 years.
  • He was Rajyasabha member about 12 years and never won in Loksabha.
  • He worked on various committees in the Parliament.

UPA led Opposition Candidate: Meira Kumar

  • She is the daughter of the former Vice PM Jagjivan Ram
  • She also belongs from the Dalit Community
  • She is doctorate from Banasthali Vidyapith.
  • She served as IFS and worked in many countries.
  • She was elected to Loksabha 5 times.
  • In the last Loksabha she was the Speaker of the House.
  • She was also the Minister in the UPA led Government.

ELECTION Scenario 

Now let us see how the elections are held. The last date for filling the nominations are 28th of this month while on next 28th we get our New President.

The election procedure is hard to understand as it’s unique of its kind. The President is elected through the electorial college. All the MP’s of both the Colleges and all the MLA’s of all State Assemblies vote in the Election. Here the value of each MP is 708, but varies according to the state for the MLA. For example, the highest MLA vote value is 208 of the state of Uttar Pradesh, whereas the lowest is of the state of Sikkim i.e, 7.

Actual BullFight

From the above analysis we can see that NDA has 48.64% of votes with 40% of its own as BJP and is only 2% short of winning its candidate. Whereas the joint alliance of opposition including 17 parties is about 35%. It’s a big tough fight for Kumar rather than Kovind.

For Kovind to win the NDA hardly needs a support of any one of the opposition party. Whereas Kumar requires a complete support of the opposition along with some of the Allies of the NDA. But both the possibilities for the Kumar are more than tough. Keeping the opposition in a single thread is not so easy. And to break the Allies of the NDA needs a strong reason or a very tough candidate.

Amit Shah and Narendra Modi played a very intelligent move by playing Kovind as the Dalit card. Making the opponent to play according to our will is a very smart move. And the opposition did the same as expected. They also placed a strong Dalit candidate i.e, Meira Kumar.
Opposition was in constant search for a tough candidate. Many names emerged but one name I feel could have been much tougher than Meira. He is non other than the grandson of the Architecture of our Constitution Dr.B R Ambedkar, he is Prakash Ambedkar. 

Yes it might be shocking for u all that why am I saying such. Frankly speaking Meira Kumar is more deserving as compared to Prakash Ambedkar. But the reason why I think Prakash Ambedkar would have been a better option is his brand himself. Prakash Ambedkar belongs to the Dalit Community as well as he is the Grandson of Dr. B R Ambedkar. He is well educated, has represented Loksabha from Akola constituency as well. But he fails to create a strong record in his career. But still I think he could have been more effective as compared to Kumar.
As we can see that after the announcement of Kovind as the candidate, the Political Parties like JDU, AIADMK, BJD, TRS, TDP, BSP has already announced their support to Kovind. From the statistics we can see that 11% among 13% of votes have now added with the 48% of the NDA votes which make their votes share to 59% + 2% of JDU, that equals to 61%. And regardless of the opposition candidate, KOVIND would be winning the Election with an enough majority.

But then why Meira Kumar? 

If there needs to be a tough candidate then why not Prakash Ambedkar. Because on this basis the opposition would have been together. Also the it was very tough for other parties to avoid a candidate who is a grandson of Dr. B R Ambedkar aiming at Dalit Politics. Also the parties like JDU, SHIVSENA, BJD, AIADMK TRS would have been urged to support the candidate. Also the Allies of the NDA would have been urge for the support. Though not all but at least a few would have support his candidature. And this would have given a tough fight to Kumar.
Nitish Kumar who is trying to increase closeness with the NDA and improve his image within Dalits could efford to oppose Ambedkar’s candidate as boldly as he is opposing Meira Kumar who belong front the same state.

Prakash Ambedkar was strongly supported by the Lefts but finally got rejected by the Congress dew their internal Politics. Now the scene is clear and here a very straight forward fight is going to take place between KUMAR and KOVIND. Where Kovind is all set to win the Election with 61-65% votes share and Kumar around 35% votes share.

President is one of the most Prestigious post in our Country. Hope for the best one to hold it!!!

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  1. It wud b a straight win for Kovind as President ..but wud had made it turn upside down if Dr.Prakash Ambedkar wud stand for the post .It wud have swept any candidate from any party

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