My First Earning!!

I had a deep sleep and awoke afresh. Got ready and tookout the bag from the shelf. Gently I dusted it as it was full of dirt and dust. I pulled the chain and took the pair or nicely wrapped pair of formal dress from the bag. These formals consisted of a plain blue shirt with cream color formal pant all brought from the branded Peter England. I gently unfolded it’s curves and wore them with care. I added a pair of polished black formal shoes and sprayed the perfume at a glance. Then I took no tym to come out of my room, kick the bike and reached the college premises in a minute. The program was yet to begun. Then I gently took a chair and sat. The program started. Many speakers came and went. Then my name was announced. I stoodup, walked towards the dias and started with,

“Good Morning to one and all present here…”

You all might be imagining what about the whole incidence is.? And why have I focussed too much on the clothes.?
The incidence marks the day of the felicitation program of the Campus placed candidates from our college. It was an event organized by the students of the college to share the experience of the campus placement. I found it interesting and decided to speak that day and enrolled for the same. And so I went with my full preparation for the program.

Now u might be wondering about the formal clothes that I highlighted at the beginning. Actually they are the main hero’s of today’s blog. But to become the Hero it took a long journey. Now let’s see what it actually was.!!

They were the days of June when I had finished my final exams and came home for vacations. We hardly have vacations of 15 days. On the 10th day I was all planning to move to Pune earlier as this time the Campus was going to be held soon. This time I studied well so that I could already sit for the companies who criteria is about 55%. And after exams I was quite sure that m going to cross 55+. So started preparing for the Campus a bit early. For campus I need to buy a pair of formal dress because if tomorrow I had to face any interview I hardly had any formals to wear. So I decided to get a pair of college formals to be stitched. As I told this to my father about the placement he was very happy and overwhelmed. With this excitement he said, “Let’s not waste time, we must purchase them today itself”. As a father he was very happy about my campus. As it was my first interview he was excited too. I was also feeling happy. My father is a big hearted man. If u ask for one, he’ll give u extra. That day the same happened.
In the evening me, my father, mother, siblings set out for shopping. I was annoyed about where was my father taking us for the shopping. We stopped near a showroom of Peter England in the New Cloth Market. I was wondering whether he was taking us to the same shop. And yes he did. We entered the shop. I couldn’t utter a word because I was not getting that is he serious about what’s happening.

Then he asked to show some formal pants. The shopkeeper showed us some very dark pieces of formals. My father told me have a look at them and choose which ever u like. As soon as I heard I was overjoyed and I was fully engrossed in it. I saw some 8-10 pieces and finally choosed a cream color one. Then we shopped for some formal shirts. Actually while shopping I don’t think too much but here I didn’t found any. In a corner I found a very fresh and shiny blue shirt. It took no tym for me to finalize it. In this way the costly shopping was over. But wait there’s something more. My sister and mother were searching from a long tym and found a very nice light navy blue shirt. I tried and finally we took that also. Bill is never an issue when you are shopping with your parents.

Evening when we came back I sorted the clothes and kept them in bag. But just for my curiosity I checked the price tags and I was shocked.!!!

Only the pant’s cost was above 2k!!! And the total summed upto 5k. It was unbelievable. I meant I know our parents love us and give their heart out for their children but my heart was not ready to accept it. Not because it’s price is too big but the expectations behind them were more bigger than I myself had for me.

Frankly speaking I was a bit embarrassed because I was a yeardown student, and this time I had hardly being able to sit for the Campus placement. I just wanted a pair of college formals that we wear regularly in college. I was nervous because I found it difficult to accept that moment!!! But I took no action that day!!!

Then I went to Pune and when the Campus dates were declared I was happy. I logged in to the portal and found that the only company that I could apply for was the Accenture!!! This was less a shock but more a challenge!!!

And that day I took a very important decision that proved a motivation throughout the Campus Placement!!!

That day I decided that untill I get placed in the Campus Placement I will not wear these formals!!!

The day I’ll wear formals will be the day after my Placement and this formals will then be My First Earning…!

This commitment I took when I realized the importance of the new target that I set up before me. The day after I took this commitment I started working for my target. I did all the research and discussions required to reach my target. Being sincere with my commitment I wrapped the clothes nicely and kept them in the bag safely. And my journey began.

Days came and went, they are ment to be. I did aptitude study, reasoning I did. Then I did a lot of reading. Had a number of discussions as GD is also one of the major part of the Campus Placement. There were many such incidence happened when i had no good clothes to wear except the formals but being honest with my commitment I never even touched them. I tell u many times it happened that I had no washed clothes to wear on precious moments but still i stood on my words, never sacrificed them.

I would like to share an incident when it was our department Fresher’s Party. Being one of the organizer I was engaged in the preparations even till the last moment. The party was to begun in half and hour, I came running to my room, got freshed and searched for clothes and I was shocked to see no clothes washed and ironed. Though I was careless still i don’t blame myself because it is my nature of work. When I work I put myself fully into it. Due to which I even forgot to prepare the party. Only thing that I had to wear was the pair of college dress code. It was a pair of sky blue shirt with navy blue pant. The shirt was dirty in the arms and the pant had white patches of dried sweat. I felt embarrassing to wear them. Suddenly my eyes went on the bag. I looked it once. My heart said it’s the best one for the moment. Then I said no, I’ll not sacrifice them for even one event. Then I took my wet towel and slightly moved it from my pants. After 2-3 moves I found the stains removed. Then I wore my blazer on the shirt that hided the arms nicely. After I got ready I found myself okk with my look and to tell u after the party when I was on my room lying on the bed i found myself laughing about the incident. Because when I was in a party I got a number of compliments. And the most surprising was that of the girls. As they were annoyed of the reality I was smiling from inside. In this way many such incidences came but I didn’t compromised them with my commitment.

Slowly days were moving and the recruitment day was coming closer. Finally the day arose for the first round. Me and my friend Shubham left for the college early in the morning. I remember that they were the days of Ganesh Chaturthi. Me and my friend went to the Dagdusheth Halwai Temple. We took the blessings and left for the college. Before the aptitude one of my friend Pooja helped us with the revision of aptitude topics. This boosted our confidence. Then we entered the college and gave the aptitude test. After test we went to Alandi. The results were to be announced in the evening and I got a mail for the next round. I was very happy. Next day I prepared fully for the interview. This day too my friend Pooja helped me to prepare for the interview. That day was a very hectic day. Because though we were called at 8 am in the morning for the interview but there were total 700 students for the interview and finally our group got its turn at evening 4pm. I was frustrated with the management system and that reflected in the interview with a low start. But as am confident on my communication I coped up fast. I saw a glimpse of satisfaction on the face of the interviewers though I made a few mistakes. I came smiling out of the panel.

After 15 days the results were declared. I was sitting in the hall. And the announcement started. It took a long time. I was holding myself towards my heart and the most awaited moment came when the anchor said, ” Samruddha Bhirad…”.

I felt a great relief and took a deep breathe. The journey was completed. I have fulfilled my commitment. I first shared this news with a text message to my parents and friends. It was a great feeling of relaxing and happiness. My heart was full of gratitude. That moment of joy filled my heart so much that I hardly remembered about the formals.

Days passes and the offer letter was in my hand. And a day came when the college students decided to share their experience of placements with the new aspirants. That day I thought at once that I share my thoughts and guide them with whatever I can. And I enrolled for it. Till the morning of the program there was not even a single thought about the formals.

As usual I woke up, got ready and the moment I searched for the dress I found none and then formals struck my mind. And the whole story stood before me as film trailer. My heart felt with deep satisfaction. That day I had no one to share my great satisfaction and happiness regarding the fulfillment of my commitment. But that realization also gave me a reason to share my story with u all. That day and this day are the only time in my life when I have share my experience of the fulfillment of my commitment. 

Truly these pair of formals proved to my first ever earning.

That day I took that bag out and wore the formals for the first time. That day I felt proud to wear them because it was my first earning!!!

What I learned :- Sometimes we need to sacrifice a little for a bigger one.!!!


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