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One of the latest and the hottest topic in politics. Usually any controversy revolves around a person or an issue. But this time it’s very interesting because this time it’s neither person nor an issue but a simple ‘Pakoda‘. It all started with an interview when the PM Narendra Modi was asked to reply on the unemployment issue in India. The question was quite obvious and clear but the way the PM responded was quite clear but it fumed the opposition and the critics. And now all the statements and debates are surrounded just by the innocent and famous fast-food of India the ‘Pakoda‘. Now let’s see what the PM’s approach would be and how the critics waved it.

When the PM was asked about the increasing issue of unemployment in India he replied with the quote that,

“If a man sells Pakoda, won’t it be considered as an Employment!!”

Which simply means that why to consider only office work as employment! And why not to add The concepts of Start-ups and Small scale businesses under Employment! As compared with jobs Start-ups have greater earning capacity and endless growing scale. If a person starts a small scale business he would not only support his own family but also give employment to 5-10 youths, which further decreases the unemployment numbers. Just a single youths decision can affect the life of 10 families then why can’t the startups be given more focus and priority in our Nation also. By boosting Startups and motivating the youths for business will solve the problem of Unemployment within couple of years. This was the clear and simple attitude of the PM when he answered to the unemployment question with the example of the ‘Pakodawala‘.

But as its Politics and that also Indian Politics. Which interpreted the statement as the PM wants the unemployed youths to sell Pakodas on not getting a job. Like an excuse to answer to the question of unemployment as asked by the interviewer. This misinterpretation was not simple. It boosted like a big wave. The opposition tried to create a big controversy. Many jokes trolled the netisans. Some graduates in Bangaluru protested against the PM’s rally but demonstrating a scene of frying Pakodas wearing their convocation uniform. Now this was a very depressing and worrying movement not only for the BJP and PM but also for the youths of the nation. Sorry to say but the opposition demotivated the Aspirations of the youths in the Country. Also they Lowered the Self-esteem of the sincere and honest workers of this Country who don’t beg but earn honestly and with self-respect, who are non other than the ‘Pakodawalas‘.! Frankly speaking the statement of an former minister who compared the Pakodawalas with beggar was demotivating and very cruel.

Employment in India is like, score good have a degree and secure a safe and relaxing job. But we forget that only government jobs can’t fulfill the need of employment in this country. They need to be dependent on the private sector as well. And private sector’s contribution is much more as compared to the Government Sector. We also forget the simple thing that if we want jobs there must be someone who must think of giving and creating jobs also. That means for the generation of jobs we require some one to choose Entrepreneurship as his career. Then and then only he would be able to give employment to number of people. So before seeking a job one must have to respect the Entrepreneurs and his Enterprise, though as Big as The Reliance Industries it might be and as small as a Pakoda shop it might be. I was more surprised with the youths who completed the degree and are demonstrating in front of the rally. It feels like the universities have just created engineers and forgot to make them humans also. Last week I watched an interview on the Budget session on News channel held in the Gokhale College Pune. Where I listened to the answer of an economists on unemployment asked by the Student.

The Economist said,

“It’s not like that there are no jobs. There are ample amount of job opportunities but what lacks is the aspirants capabilities.”

Which simply means that the Indian Education system has failed to make a student a better person and skilled professional in his field. It has just succeeded in manufacturing graduates. Here I would seriously infer that our education system needs to be revised and should focus more on the quality of the student rather than his marks. If a graduate is skilled enough why would any company reject him. And why would a skilled graduate wait for a job when he is confident on his skills and choose Entrepreneurship as his career. This attitude is what needed when dealing with this issue of unemployment. And that’s why the PM focused more on Entrepreneurship than on Jobs.

Pakodawalas Perspective: It would have been a great embarrassment for the Pakodawalas when then profession was made a joke throughout the whole country by the mere critics. This not only hurted their self-esteem but also questioned whether their profession was as low as disrespecting and comparing with begging. It was a bad game by the Critics. The PM was clear in his view on identifying their profession as a source of employment. This comment of PM would have given them some sense of pride and respect which the others made it a joke.

Pakoda Politics: Now let’s see how this Politics will change the scenario of the day-to-day Indian Politics. When the wave was on its high node it created a feeling of unacceptance among the unemployed youths which further reduces the image of PM in the heart of those who were seeking jobs. But the ones who know that job is not the only answer to unemployment there would have been neutral reaction. But the major effect would be seen on the side of the Pakodawalas. The Opposition was on the forefront in this defaming wave. This would affect their image alot. Simply calculating there are minimum 1000 Pakodawalas in each city, with 5-10 associated with the business and 3-5 people in each of their family. At minimum 20000-50000 people related to this profession of fast-food. And the opposition has lost this crucial vote bank by joking on Pakodas. Here I would like to note that the votes would be irrespective of the caste and religion of the Pakodawalas. And the constant defamation of a person by his profession by the opposition also dented their fame in the public. First it was the Chaiwalas and now the Pakodawalas. This even change the caste equations in present politics which will discuss further.

Today’s Caste Equations: We must understand this thing that caste is not just by birth but also by the choice of his earning. And every person has an intimate relationship with his work. Like earlier if we see the caste formation then it was based on one’s those days profession.

For example:

  • Mali- The Gardner
  • Teli- The Oil Extractors
  • Kunbhi- The Porters
  • Sonar- The Goldsmiths.

But today with the time the professions have changed but the attachment with the work is the same.

For example:

  • Engineers
  • Doctor
  • Lawyers
  • Government officials
  • Entrepreneurs, etc.

Similarly running a fastfood shop is also a caste in present day. So if anyone who disrespects the profession or work is an direct attack to his dignity. And these new professions have even cutted the past caste differences when any danger comes to their profession. That’s why we may see number of morchas for the rights of teachers, municipal servants, government servants, engineers, doctors. And these are the new caste equations which the politicians must understand. It’s very interesting to note that the BJP had understood this very early and had used it very well in the 2014 elections with the concept ‘Chai Pe Charcha’. This created a bond of recognition and oneness among the tea-sellers. And now the new campaign ‘Pakode pe Charcha’.

Message to the Youths : I sincere feel that Unemployment is one of the recent and emerging issues in our Country. But dont blame and rely on politicians. Government will come and go. But we need to find our own source of earning. Because it’s our issue. And seek for different modes of employment. New courses, new skills and competition is everywhere.

I also agree that everyone cannot have a business but among a group one who is wealthy must take the initiative for a business. Or person with the ability, skill and idea should be helped and encouraged for doing business. And the one who takes. Initiative must take the responsibility of minimum 5-10 of his fellow friends to give them employment.

Only this can help us for getting out of this problem.


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5 thoughts on “Pakoda Politics”

  1. Ur block of explanation r very nice… Bt totally sport to modi thats story is speaking So….. U just shows d reality U know wt is d proper work or responsibility of pm or minister…. So pakoda jayse bat karna this not good so…… Plz frnd shows the reality ..Import is I’m not oppose to gov just share my opinion….. Thanks…

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    1. If you’ve read the blog well, you’ll already realise that Modi’s statement over pakodewalas wasn’t an offense to unemployed, but a boost to small and micro enterprises. Samruddha has given the best shot on explaining the true thoughts and intentions of the statement.


  2. Nicely put bro… But I think your explanation shows the one side of the coin. A statement issued by NITI aayog says that the problem doesn’t lie in unemployment but it lies in under-employment. And furthermore why shouldn’t the youth expect jobs from the govt. As modiji pledged in his election manifesto that the government will create job opportunities for 1 crore people every year and we all know what happened to that promise along with other promises he made. So, when he said that pakoda vendors are also employed, he forgot that statement by NITI aayog. Lastly the governments will come and go but development should be given the prime importance. BTW your post was good but try to analyze anything neutrally. Gud job👍


    1. Thanks bro for your sincere reply. I don’t say that this is a neutral post. But what I aimed at is to boost Startups and small scale business. And frankly speaking this PM is working hard only for the nation. And if he is dethroned I don’t believe that any other would work that dedicatedly as he does for the nation. Surely he’ll think on it and find a solution.


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