KARNATAKA 2018: Seats Grabbing

SEATS GRABBING: This Is One of the most interesting part of the analysis. Here we will see party wise analysis of seats earned. How the constituencies changed their MLA’s and how the total seat sharing took place. And which party grabbed the most and which lost the most.


  1. Unchanged seats: The red boxes show the seats that were successfully retained by their respective parties. And a total of 93 of 222 seats were retained. That means a total of 42% seats remained unchanged and around 58% seats changed their decision. This Indicates that around 58% constituencies were unhappy with the sitting representatives.
  2. Last time there were a number of Independents which have drastically reduced to 2. This shows that people of Karnataka has bestowed upon their trusts more on the Parties rather than on the Independent candidates.
  3. JDS
  • JDS retained 17 seats.
  • They lost 10-3= 7 seats to the BJP.
  • The Only achievement of JDS would be gaining 5 seats from others keeping their overall loss by just 2 seats.
  1. INC
  • They retained 48 seats
  • The Biggest looser in the Battle whose 49 seats were transferred to only BJP.
  • They got 0 from JDS become both grabbed 13 of each other.
  • But the biggest embarrassment for the Congress was to make alliance with that party who defeated their CM with a record of 25000+ votes.
  • Only plus point Is the 8-11=7 independent seats that they gained.
  1. BJP
  • The only party who was gainer in all the numbers but still short of majority.
  • They gained 48 from INC, 7 from JDS and a total of 9 from the Independents.

So, from the above Statistical analysis its clear how the three parties performed in the Karnataka elections.

BJP being the single largest party was short of the majority by just 7.

The Numbers clearly shows that the Mandate was against the present government and in favor of the BJP.

And the INC and JDS should understand the fact the if they would have grouped before elections they would have wiped the elections.

Finally, a Fractured Mandate. Hope So the government would run Successfully and effect fully just for the interest of the people.

Photo Caption
A view of Assembly session at Vidhana Soudha in Bangalore on Wednesday. –KPN

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