Bengal vote separately in State and Centre Elections?

We have seen this in 2019 that how people of Odisha voted differently.
Also, We have seen in Jharkhand how the people voted for BJP in Loksabha and for UPA in State Assembly. But will the people of Bengal vote separately in State and Central Elections?

Let us look at the past elections. And see how the people of Bengal voted in different Elections.

History of Bengal Elections

In the above table,
1st Column – Year of Loksabha Elections
2nd Column – The State Mandate for Loksabha
3rd Column – The National Mandate for Loksabha
4th Column – The ongoing State Government

In 1977 before the left took over the state, the Assembly was under Congress.
In Feb 1977, the Loksabha elections took place and the Left swept the elections. Following which the Assembly elections took place in Oct 1977, and the people gave the mandate in favor of the Left only. This is how the people voted similarly in both elections.

And after that, the state’s mood was always in favor of the Lefts, irrespective of Loksabha or Vidhansabha till the 2006 Assembly Elections.

After the 2006 Assembly, TMC realized that NDA won’t benefit them and they switched to UPA, also the anti-Left vote started consolidating behind TMC and INC. And they got their first mandate in the 2008 Gram panchayat elections.
And then in 2009 Loksabha where the people gave the mandate in favor of UPA. And the wave didn’t stop. The UPA gained power in State and Mamta Didi became the first time CM after the Assembly Elections of 2011.

Similar happening with BJP as well. When people realized that left is not able to tackle TMC or address the anti-TMC sentiment, and BJP is a party with all logistics, and a will to take on the TMC Government, the majority of the Anti-TMC vote bank shifted to BJP.
They tested BJP first in 2018 Grampanchayat Elections, and again in 2019 Loksabha. And now BJP has made this a straight fight between TMC-BJP. Cutting the doors of Left voters to return back.
As people have realized that voting to the Left is of no use, as it is not in the condition of forming the government.

Hence empowering BJP.

There is no incident where the people of Bengal voted differently in State and that in Centre.

People have voted in Loksabha similar to their state’s choice.
If their sentiment in public had been against the State Govt then they have reflected this in their mandate of Loksabha as well.

So even if the TMC got 22/42 seats in 2019 Loksabha, the performance of BJP by gaining 18 seats and a 40% vote share can’t be taken lightly. That also within a span of less than 4 years.

The results of West Bengal Elections 2021 will surely be a surprise for all. Because this election will decide the Future Discourse of West Bengal and that of the Indian Politics as well.


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