Sena giving up ‘HINDUTVA’

Maharashtra Elections held in Oct-Nov 2019 has seen the biggest drama in the History of State Politics. Where we saw that the two hardcore Rightist Parties departed on the issue of CM post. Sena-NCP-Cong allied to corner the Devendra Fadnavis led BJP in Maharashtra.

This is less surprising as this is a common trait in Politics, but whats more astonishing is the change in the stands of Sena on certain issues especially when it comes to ideology. Lets go through it in a series.

1. The day of the depart is very important. It was a day before the verdict of the most controversial case of RamJanma Bhoomi. Both the parties were at the forefront in this issue from the time, Balasaheb took a firm stand on RamJanma bhoomi. Together BJP-Sena’s whole life went fighting for Ram Mandir. But indeed just a day before the Precious Verdict, the Sena departed with their longest partner.

2. After the verdict the Sena Chief said that he will visit Ayodhya on 24th Nov. But it took more than 100 days for a party with Hindutva Ideology to pay tribute to his ideal. This shows the attitude of the Sena Chief towards the Ideology.

3. In January there was an issue errupted when the Cong released a booklet defaming Swatantra Veer Savarkar. So the grandson of Veer Savarkar, Ranjit Savarkar raised his voice against it and for support he reached out to CM of Maharashtra. But surprisingly the permission was denied. This showed how the Ideals become less important after gaining power. This attitude showed clearly that there is some settlement within the trio.

4. Recently one incident happened where a young girl named Karishma raised her voice against the Loudspeaker on Mosques. As loudspeaker not an integral part of the religion as said by the Allahabad High Court. She was upheld for her bravery by may right wing parties and organisations. But Sena is seen distancing from her. No one even tweeted for her. People are doubting whether this is the same sena who first embraced the car sevaks who demolished the controversial Babri Mosque Tomb.

5. The same trend was noticed yesterday. On the Day of Aashadi Ekadashi.

a. Firstly the CM son Left the most auspicious Aashadi Ekadashi Pooja in the middle and sat in the car. Many people said that he might be feeling suffocated.

b. Then after the pooja, people noticed that the CM did not put tilaks on their forehead which is an auspecious ritual in every pooja or temple.

c. In the Afternoon on news came which shook the party. Everyone tried to clear the issue but the beans were already spelled. The thing decided that was all the Padukas from different temples across Maharashtra were to be brought to Pandharpur by Bus and all the expenses were to be beared by the Maharashtra Government. But in the afternoon a news got viral that a minister took 71000/- mount for the Bus provided to the Nivruttinath Maharaj Paduka Mandal. As the ministers and other party people rushed to cover the issue, the CM and his party has to face embarassment.

All these series of incidents are symbolic and have a common message for the masses. That the Ideology is kept aside by the people for the sake of Power. And today each and every person not only miss the Strong Hearted Balasaheb Thackeray but also his commitment towards his Ideology, Hindutva.

Sena giving up ‘HINDUTVA’

Delhi Elections: Lage Raho Kejriwal…!


– One of the wisest Voters we have ever seen. Bcoz they have voted distinctly in Loksabha and Vidhan Sabha.
This shows how clear and smart they are. They knew who is best for the State and Who is Best for the Nation.
And this is seen not once but twice, in LS 2014, VS 2015 and LS 2019, VS 2020 #Loksabha, #Vidhansabha respectively.

#Freebeez It did work for them. Starting from free water to free Pilgrimages for the senior citizens.
200 unit of Free Electricity for every Household was one of the most popular one.
Then the free metro/bus rides for Women also found effective.

#Shaheen_Baug As this was the only issue where the BJP was hoping to get some entry. It did work. Bcoz the the #Okhla seat where the Shaheen Baug is, is won by the AAP with 70000+ votes with Minority votes Consolidation.
Whereas #Manish_Sisodiya and Atishi the Architect of Educational Model in Delhi had to struggle till the last few rounds.

– AAP had a strong #CM_face whereas the BJP lacked the CM face which would make a mass appeal and consolidate some votes. This gave an edge to AAP in the whole Campaigning as well.

– Only_Local_issues_Matter Many journalist commented that the Delhi had rejected the NPR CAA NRC. But as we have earlier seen that the people had a clear understanding for whom to vote when. This trend is seen twice.

#Lesson_4_BJP : Though the party increased its vote share and seats share they failed to make a dent on the AAP government.
-They must understand that Regional and National issues must be kept separate.
-Local Leadership needs to be given more Opportunities to rise.

-Transfer of #Congress_Votes_to_AAP
-Its clear from the Numbers that there was an informal Understanding where the -Congress didn’t perform in order to help the AAP to win and keep the BJP away from the Power. This strategy was also seen in Jharkhand and Maharashtra as well.
-Bcoz the voters of the AAP are the same as the Congress. So Increase in Congress Votes would indirectly cut the votes of AAP, and hence favouring The BJP.

-BJP yet a Key Player : When I was going through the voter turnout and total votes cast, I found a very interesting thing. Though the Congress lost its vote share by 4.76 lakhs, the addition of AAP is just 52000 votes only. But the most interesting part is that the BJP increased its vote share by around 6.51 Lakhs as compared to 2015. I will disscuss this in a separate blog regarding the total analysis and its reasons.

Atlast we just hope that the AAP keeps on Working as they did And be On their Words!
All the Best #Aam_Aadmi_Party👍
The CM #Arvind_Kejriwal 👍


GOA Congress : Hero to Zero!

Yesterday 10 Congress MLAs defected from the party and merged with the Ruling party BJP. The largest party in the Goa Assembly is now reduced to a handfull of few members. But the real question is How come the condition of the Grand Old Party became so worse?
It didn’t happened in a day. There is a series of events which took place and led to this outcome in the past 28 months.
We have summaries the whole Goa Drama into the respective events. And the changing scenario of the Goa Legislative Assembly.
Hope you find it Interesting!

1. On 11th March 2017 Results of Goa Vidhan Sabha were declared in which the ruling BJP govt got a severe Defeating winning 13 of the 40 seats. While the Congress emerged as the single largest party with 17 seats. It was almost clear that the Congress would form the Govt. But the scenario changes overnight. Within a night all the other MLAs were approached by the BJP and were convinced to support BJP led Govt only if Manohar Parrikar led the Government. And hence the BJP with 13 + 8 allies claimed to form the Government. All the overnight task was undertaken by Nitin Gadkari and the Goa team. Whereas the Congress Goa Observer Digvijay Singh was had no clue about it. And on 13th the BJP formed Government in Goa.
2. On 13th of March one of the Congress MLA Vishwajeet Rane resign from the Assembly stating the he was angry with the Party Leadership for being incompetent to form a coalition even after being the Single largest party. Now the Congress at 16 and the Assembly total at 39.
3. Soon after the Resignation Vishwajeet Rane jumped in BJP and won the By-elections on BJP Ticket. Now the BJP at 14 and Congress 16.
4. Within 2 months 2 more Congress MLA’s resigned from the Assembly. The Mandrem MLA, Dayanand Sopte and Siroda MLA, Subhash Shirodkar send their resignations the party heads. Now both the BJP and Congress at 14 and assembly at 38. As per the law elections are to be held within 6 months of resignation. Elections on these seats were held along with the Loksabha Elections.
5. On 14th February 2019, there was an unexpected death of the Mapusa MLA, Francis D’souza. This brought the BJP to 13 and Congress to 14.
6. The Biggest setback for the BJP was the Death of the GOA CM Manohar Parrikar. This caused a great grief to the party. The Goa Politics was void with a Strong Political Leadership. But within no loss of time Pramod Sawant was selected as the new GOA CM by the party. He successfully passed the floor test also. There were total 11 ministers which included the 2 Deputy CM.
7. On 27 march 2019, 2 of the 3 MGP MLAs merged with the BJP. As the anti-defection law is inapplicable here they just added to the tally if the BJP. Now both the Congress and the BJP are at 14.
8. There were 4 assembly seats vacant due to the resignation of 2 Congress MLAs and passing away of the FORMER CM and the Mapusa MLA. By-elections were held at these seats along with the Loksabha. On 23rd May results were declared. BJP won 3 of the 4 seats but lost the crucial Panaji seat of the Former CM to the Congress Candidate. The 2 defected Congress MLA won from Mandrem and Siroda on BJP Ticket. Now the BJP is at 17 and Congress at 15.
9. And finally 10 of the 15 MLAs defected from the Congress and merged with the BJP. Here also the anti-defection law was not applicable. Due to the incomplete and hurdles in getting the work done in the Constituency urged them to take such a step. It is important to note that this happened after the resignation of Rahul Gandhi as the Party President. The defected MLAs even blamed the weak Central leadership of the party. Now the Congress party is left with just 5 MLAs. And the BJP has doubled its tally from 13 to 27.
This is how the Political scenario in Goa has changed from a Grand old party being the largest and lastly becoming the smallest party in the Assembly.
Similarly even after loosing the election the BJP was on their toes to form and run the Government. 

Now they even don’t need the support of their allies to be in the Ruling Position.
We could infer this as the impact of the Centralized Leadership.

Battle of Rajasthan 2018 Assembly

On 11th of December The Election results of the 5 very crucial States were out. Where BJP lost its power in 3 of its Strong states, while Congress did a good comeback by performing well in these three states. Telangana and Mizoram went with the clear sweep to the TRS and the MNF resp. But now we would not be discussing about these anymore. Here in this blog we will focus only on the Rajasthan Results and try to analyse and interpret the people’s Mandate. So lets start with the results itself.
1. Rajasthan Assembly 1993-2018
In the above figure we can see the assembly seats in Rajasthan from 1993-2018. As we can see that from 1993 there is a trend which is still eminent that no single part gets a consecutive term to Govern. This time also the incumbent BJP was wiped out by the Congress.
2. Increasing seats in BJP Rule
In the above figures if you notice very keenly you will see that there are very minor observations and patterns which tells us something that is very unique. For example, whenever BJP came into power it has always increased its last tally. From 95 to 121 to 163. Among which 163 in 2013 was its best till date. But its also very important to note that whenever it got defeated it maintained a respectable position in the state.
3. Decreasing Seats in the Congress Rule
Now, when it comes to Congress we will see that whenever Congress came to power in Rajasthan, its tally decreased as compared with its previous tally. from 153 to 102 to 99. Also its very important to note that whenever the Congress was defeated its tally was also reduced as compared to its previous one. From 76 to 56 to 21. Its worst was 21 in 2014.
Now when I saw this trend and thought about its reason, then I found something more surprising, just below those numbers. Here we could find something.
4. Decreasing seats and Increasing Independents whenever Congress comes in Power.

In the above table we could see that whenever Congress came to power, there was a significant increase in the number of independent MLAs. This means that over a period of time the Congress was more badly hit by the division in its votes whenever it came to power. And this benefited the Independent candidates the most and hence increased their numbers.
But if you ask me that did the BJP suffered by this? then my answer would be NO!
5. Increasing seats and decreasing Independents whenever BJP comes in Power.
From the above Table we can say that whenever BJP came to power, the tally of the Independents was always decreasing. This tells us that how BJP gained a ground in the state with years and how the independents are playing a crucial role in the present mandate.
Won Margin Analysis

Won Margin is the difference of the winning candidate with its nearest rival. The greater the margin the stronger the fight. and the lesser the margin the tougher the fight is. In the below table we could see that the Margins are divides into 11 classes ranging from 0-2500 to 50000+. This indicates the Marginal votes by which the Candidates won their respective seats. These classes are clubbed together into 4 zones which has its own significance with respect to the Margins.
Won Margin
From the above figure we can classify the zones as further,
Green zone : This is the safest zone. The amount of candidates in this zone the stronger the party and its vote base is.
Blue zone : Its range is between 10000-50000. It is a good zone which indicates the strength of the party along with the green zone.
Orange zone : Its range is 5000-10000. In case of a strong anti- incumbency, these seats are most likely to find an alternative.
Red Zone : Its range is from 0-2500 votes. It is also called as the danger zone. The results of these seats can go on either way. There are candidates who have lost their seat by single digits also.
Won Margin Zones
In the recent election, the congress maintained its performance in all the 4 zones. It bagged 27/44 seats in the Green zone and 45/83 seats in the Blue Zone which Indicates a strong voting on their side. We can even say that Congress has a surge and can even give a pocketful of seats in the Loksabha 2019.
BJP surged well in the Red and the Orange Zone with 17/39 and 15/33, which indicated that it gave a tough fight to the Congress. As per the Tradition of the Rajasthan voters, it was sure for the BJP to loose, but not too badly, as we see from the table. They are at a respectable position in the opposition.
We have already discussed that how the seats of others increases whenever the Congress comes in power. Here we could see how the others hold a strong position in the Blue zone, whereas they were ever able to gain tough seats in red zone.
Analysis of Seat nature
Now we will discuss the nature of the seats and which party still hold a ground in their good as well as in their bad times. For this I have analysed the nature of the seats and then found the number of seats that showed the same nature and after the analysis I inferred the below observations.
Seats of Congress
From the above we can infer very crucial info. In addition to the above 1 would like to add that there are 24 such seats which went to the ruling party from last 4 elections. Means with the BJP when it came to power and with the INC when they came to power.
Note: Last point says that 64 seats are such that they are won thrice in the last 4 elections. Whereas point 2 says that 8 sears are won three times in a row only. Same for the below chart as well.
Seats of BJP
Here the BJP has got a big loss of around 90 seats and also lost the power. But very interesting to observe that it still holds a very strong position in the region as it has 17 seats in the region which are undefeated from last 4 elections.
Apart from this calculations it is very important to note the role of Independents and especially BSP because it won 6 crucial seats in the region. And as she expected that the congress would need the support of the others, she is playing the King Maker.
This was one of the most interesting elections till date. It was hard to predict whether which side the mandate goes. But still as a small analyst I did this small analysis. Below is the screenshot of my status which I kept on my whatsapp status. Here, my number for the congress was 90% correct. Only the point that the independents increases when Congress comes in power was missed by me. 
My Predictions for Rajasthan 2018.
On 11th of December, It was a very tough day for me. Because I slept only 3 hours that day and covered all the trends and followed all the details on TV. But yes reading between lines, between 2 sentences and interacting with numbers is all that amazes me. 
I hope you would have liked this blog. If yes, please write to me about it in the comments. Do Like and Share your suggestions. They will always help me to grow and learn a bit more. Stay tuned!!!

Sabarimala Tradition: Doubts and Answers.

There was chat between two brothers on the Sabarimala Issue on Facebook. one brother was an atheist while the other an theist. They had a very sensible debate on a very heated topic. I found it worth sharing so here it is… 

Me: Questions please!!!

Bro: Women have the right to enter the temple. And no one has a f**k in right to stop them.
Not even the god sitting inside.
No matter bleeding or normal, no God will ever treat his devotee untouchable!
All those bhakts (bhakts of Ayyappa) protesting for not letting women in are just fighting for nothing but anti ‘women’s rights’

Me: Temple is not a place of prayer… They are build for specific purposes…!
Temples are not places for social activities where everyone can claim a right…!
Temples are places where Beliefs are preserved!!!
Bleeding in Our Religion is never taken as impure… We have a temple of the bleeding Goddess called the Kamakhya Devi temple in Assam…!
300000 women believe in Ayyappa and they patiently waited outside the temple because the know the actual Tradition and hence are the true Devotees!!!
3 among the 2 women who tried to enter the temple were not Hindus… And the third was just doing her task assigned by her Company…!
Now where is the true Devotee here???

Bro:  Were those 300000 women supposed to be entering temple later ? Just clarify for me…

Me: Those Women have noted a sincere and nonviolent protest against the ones entering the temple!!!

Bro:  After the verdict….
Were women peacefully allowed inside?

Me: when it was clear that the situation was critical… Why were the 3 activists forced to enter with 100 policemen???
Is the 3 women’s ego more imp than the critical situation!!!???

Bro: Those 3 women are idiot. Let’s keep them aside. That’s not my concern.
All I am asking is are those 300000 women who were waiting out,
allowed later into temple?

Me: If those women have the intention to enter the temple then would have joint the 3 activists!!!
But they didn’t!!!
They respected the tradition and the Deity!!!

Bro: Tell me why women should not go inside temple?
It’s not that 300000 woman didn’t, that means they’re right. They might be victims of misogyny too…

Maybe those 3 are standing for the right….which the 3 lakhs are ignorant about ! 
Why not women? What religion stops them?

Me: Constitution runs on Logic and Proofs!!!
Religion lives on Beliefs and faith!!!
It is the Belief that sees the Divine God in the Stone!!!
But logic will see stone as a stone!!!
That’s the difference!!!

Bro: Why not let women pray to that stone?

Me: If u think it’s a stone then where comes the question of praying???
Religion is beyond Logic!!!

Bro:   It’s not about me here…..
Why disallow women…who have faith of God in that stone?

Me: Do u think anyone of the activists was a sincere devotee??
Can u defend even a single one???

Bro:  They were definitely devotees of woman rights. And maybe their success would have let to 300000 women finally worshiping Ayyappa again…
Our point of concern is not those 3 ladies.
Just a simple point. Why shouldn’t women enter ? As simple as that..
Why not women?

Because if “tradition” or “religion” is all that you have ..
Then triple talaq too should have not been interrupted.
Give a solid base. Why not women inside?

I’m not expecting logic….
But people’s reason for not allowing women. That might also be some faith mentioned in some religious texts. If written somewhere…show us that at least.
Not necessarily demanding logic from you. But a source of action.

Me: Nice Question!!!

Ayyappa is a Celibate Deity!!!
Who sat in penance in Sabarimala, abstained from sex and alcohol. It’s the deity’s will that anyone who followed the 41 day penance that he suffered along with all the other rules that I have noted in My_Blog_Sabarimala_Tradition then and then only he would give Darshan to the Devotee!!!
The penance that the true Devotee goes through is his own experience of life, that makes him closer to the deity.!!

Earlier when there were no modes of transport this ritual was started. The Terrain if u see is very difficult. Surrounded by the Tigers and the wild life’s then!!!
In such a condition the devotee has to spend the 41 days of penance!!!
This u could say as test of the devotee!!!

But if see that a women in her fertile age has to suffers few days of pain in their menstruation cycle!!
Women have to face this condition even in the days of penance at least once!!!
This made the trekking of the women miserable and hence in-completion of the test of penance.
Keeping this in mind the then priests hence made a law or a rule to keep the fertile age women away from the trekking and so the penance. Once they complete this age they are free to visit!!!
That’s why the traditional of waiting was installed in the women of the particular age group!!!

This is followed in respect to the Deity!!!
This is not a discrimination… It’s a respect to the Deity!!!!
This does not exploit a women’s life or an individual like the Triple Talaq!!!

In Triple Talaq the women is exploited!
Here it’s not the case!!!
Even the Devasom Board accepted the entry of those women who completes the journey of penance!!!
But the point was over thrown by the SC!!!
Hindus have deep faith in the Ayyappa!!!
That’s y the 300000 Hindu Women waited and the 3 activists
2 non Hindus and one a planted journalists created the scene to gain TRP!!

Bro:  So women are allowed after a certain age?

Me: It’s not about who is allowed it’s about what is the best for an Individual… Taking in account all the factors!!!

Bro:  Do all devotees need to go through that physical test of penance to enter and pray to Ayyappa?

Me: Yes… The penance is the core of the Tradition!!!

Bro: Are women allowed after fertile age?

Me: Yes… Women below 10 and above 50 are only involved in the penance!!

Bro: What if woman of age 30 comes and agrees to go through penance and that she can go through all of it…..will you let her ?

Me: who m I to let her… The point was put before the SC… but Lawyer Manu Singhvi denied it… And the SC too…

But it was only the Women who understood and knew the importance of Faith in Hindu Society… That’s y the only Lady Judge gave her verdict against the dominating males….!

Bro: You means not literally you….
Anyone related to Sabarimala is what I meant to ask
Well… We don’t completely know what arguments had been given in the court. Maybe there was a strong counter which led to 2 judges go otherwise.
Who knows!’

Me: I have read an article where I got this piece of info!!!

Me:Any questions bro???

And a long silence…!

Sabarimala Tradition

We all are aware of the Sabarimala Verdict by the SC. The Supreme Court has abolished the ban on Women between the age group of 10-50 which is their fertile years. Earlier the Kerala High Court had maintained the ban where the State Government itself supported this position in 1991. Now the issue has come up once again so we need to look into it from all the possible perspectives.
In this blog we would see what the actual tradition of the Sabarimala Shrine is! Later in other blogs we will discuss on other perspectives along with the issues related to the Shrine.
Ayyappa Swami is an Hindu Deity, a Representative of the God. He is a Naishtika Brahmachari deity which means a celibate deity. According to a story Swami Ayyappa decided to live the life of a celibate. He restrained himself from not only marriage but any sort of contact with the feminine gender. He lived his life in the penance and also abstained from any sort of distortion like alcohol, etc. In his respect his father build a temple which is today’s Sabarimala temple, where the deity resided and spent his days of penance. He also resolved to solve the problems and questions of his devotees who successfully completes the 41 days of penance consisting of different difficult challenges and activities. This is somehow similar to the Pandharpur Vaari that is held in the Maharashtra. Let us see some of the important rules followed bu the devotees.
  • The devotees are expected to dress-up like sadhus only in blue and black. 
  • They are expected to fast partly, and eat only certain type of pure veg food.
  • This is 18 miles long group trek, which consists of people without any caste or social discrimination. 
  • There are men of all the ages joining the trek. 
  • Young girls and older women also join. But the women between the fertility age group are advised not to trek for certain reasons which will be discussed in brief. 
  • During the trek all the devotees call each other ‘Swami’. 
  • The devotees wear simple dress on the day of the pilgrimage up the hills and through the forest, many go barefoot, carry irumudi (a walking stick for regional Hindu yogis with two compartment little bag sometimes carried on head), wear Tulsi leaves and Rudraksha beads around their neck (symbolism for Vishnu and Shiva) while fellow Hindus gather along the trek path, cheering and helping them complete their journey
  • They collect flowers from the western ghats to offer the deity. 
  • Also they are needed to bathe in the Pambar river before they visit the actual Sabarimala temple.
  • During the entire trek all the devotees are expected to restrain from any kind of violence, sex, and alcoholism. 
  • All their mind should be focused only in the devotion for Ayyappa, which is the main motive.
  • After the long trek there are 18 divine steps to the sanctum sanctorum of the Ayyappa Swamy Temple.
  • Each step is a sacred one with a very deep meaning and understanding.
  • Only the one’s completing the 41 days trek are allowed to walk through these steps.
This all about the Sabarimala Shrine and its divine rituals. Now  let us see some important significance of the temple.
  • The temple is not like the regular temple, it is opened only at few occasions throughout the year. Like during the Mandal Pooja, Makar Sankranti, Maha Vishnu Sankranti and the first 5 days of every Malayalam month.
  • There are number of other temples of the same deity across the world. But rules for women to visit the shrine is only followed in this Temple only. The reason behind this is the temple being the first of its kind where all the rules for the devotees are followed very strictly by the Devasom and the Devotees. 
  • Secondly, one of the main reason is the terrain where the temple is located. The rules were made during the time where there were no transport facilities. Also it could be difficult for the women in the fertile years to do 41 day long trekking.
  • Third and important one is the belief that the deity is Naishtika Brahmachari. And every devotee who has faith in the deity and respect him will accept him as he is and respect his decision by not disturbing his celibacy. Its not a discrimination but a respect for the deity’s decision to remain a celibate.
  • The 18 sacred steps to the sanc tum sanctorum of the Shrine is divine in its own way. There are many stories related to the significance of the 18 steps. But According to one of them they say that the deity was the master of 18 weapons. Covering each step, the deity would leave each weapon on each step before entering into the Idol of the Sanctum Sanctorum.
This was all about the Tradition of the Sabarimala Shrine. In the Next blog we will cover the important issues and queries related to the Shrine and its tradition.


CJI Dipak Misra retired last month. Before retiring he gave a series of  crucial decisions among which the Decision to scrap 497 was one of them. In the following we will be covering the major aspects of the law along with the advancement made in the law.
Marriage: When there is a couple who builds a consent within themselves and ties the knot of their committed relationship then it is generally called as a Marriage. We must note here that the consent is a very important aspect here. even if there is no consent from either side, the relationship collapses.

Adultery IPC 497 : When a person has a sexual intercourse with the wife of another man without the consent of that man is called as Adultery. The man who is involved in the adultery is guilty of the offence of adultery, who shall be imprisoned or fined or both under IPC 497. In this case the women was not considered as the abettor. Abettor means one who influences or convinces someone to commit the crime.
In the earlier law there was a slight difference which showed discrimination between a man involved in the adultery and a woman involved in the adultery. As per the law, when a married man had an sexual intercourse with another women, without the consent of his wife, the law didn’t applied there. This clearly discriminated between the man and the woman. Even the woman did not had the freedom. Whereas the woman involved in the adultery either married or bachelor cannot be charged under IPC 497. This shows that men had the freedom in adultery whereas the women did not.
When a PIL was filed in December 2017, to strike down the law, the Supreme Court accepted it. An argument was laid which stated the violence of article 14 and article 15 of the Constitution.
Article 14:- Equality before law The State shall not deny to any person equality before the law or the equal protection of the laws within the territory of India Prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth
Article 15:- The State shall not discriminate against any citizen on grounds only of religion, race, caste, sex, place of birth or any of them

Listening to the arguments of both the parties, the Supreme Court then decided to scrap down the law. There were few observations by the Judges.

  • Under article 198, law gave only the husband the right to file a case against the man involved in the act of adultery.
  • That concludes to a belief that the woman belong to her husband only.
  • That does not gave the woman the freedom for her own thoughts and feelings, even if she voluntarily does a consented intercourse.
On 27th September 2018 a Five Judge Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court of India decided to scrap this IPC 497.

Now according to the new law if a married woman has a sexual intercourse with another man then the husband cannot file a case against the man involved in the adultery. But on the basis of adultery he can demand Divorce from his wife.
Also, it is very important to note the changes. Equality before law with Gender Neutrality is taken care of by the Supreme Court of India.
  • Now both the partners are free to have sexual intercourse with the person of their choice. 
  • No legal action will be taken against the ones involved in the Adultery.
  • But this wont mean Adultery is legal.
  • Adultery still remains the base for Divorce.
While reading the judgement, Chief Justice Dipak Misra said, “it (adultery) cannot be a criminal offence,” however it can be a ground for civil issues like divorce.

Gandhi Jayanti 2018

This is a Small Tribute to the Father of Our Nation!!!
You must have shocked that what is the 4th one doing there. Don’t get suprise it’s just the latest one which completely relates us with the Modern India.
Since Independence India has undergone multiple advances and development. Similarly Computer has changed its shape from as large as the room to the hands. Today Mobile has become one of the most useful device which has replaced many things. This helped man to ease the tedious of the tedious jobs. But humans have taken it beyond a specific purpose. Today humans have become more dependent on mobiles.
Social Change: Due to Social Networking Sites a man can connect with a person with in any corner of the world. Truely we can say that Internet has shortened the distance between two people. But its not the whole scenario. If mobile is able to connect two corners of the world then it also has created distances with ur immediate neighbors as well. Today people are so engrossed in their own world that they hardly have any attention around themselves. Youth are more prone to this condition as they are more friendly with this technology. If we ask people of one generation earlier, they would tell how they used to build their relations only with vocal and real communications. Today it’s getting lappsed. We as a human being must get aware of these things that we are humans first.
Man has made machine for comfort and not for peace and happiness.
Machines are to be used and humans are to be Loved.
There are many advantages of the Mobile too but at last machines are machines, they cannot replace a single man.
If Gandhiji would have been there today he would have unfortunately involved this 4th Monkey with the three!!!