My First Earning!!

I had a deep sleep and awoke afresh. Got ready and tookout the bag from the shelf. Gently I dusted it as it was full of dirt and dust. I pulled the chain and took the pair or nicely wrapped pair of formal dress from the bag. These formals consisted of a plain blue shirt with cream color formal pant all brought from the branded Peter England. I gently unfolded it’s curves and wore them with care. I added a pair of polished black formal shoes and sprayed the perfume at a glance. Then I took no tym to come out of my room, kick the bike and reached the college premises in a minute. The program was yet to begun. Then I gently took a chair and sat. The program started. Many speakers came and went. Then my name was announced. I stoodup, walked towards the dias and started with,

“Good Morning to one and all present here…”

You all might be imagining what about the whole incidence is.? And why have I focussed too much on the clothes.?
The incidence marks the day of the felicitation program of the Campus placed candidates from our college. It was an event organized by the students of the college to share the experience of the campus placement. I found it interesting and decided to speak that day and enrolled for the same. And so I went with my full preparation for the program.

Now u might be wondering about the formal clothes that I highlighted at the beginning. Actually they are the main hero’s of today’s blog. But to become the Hero it took a long journey. Now let’s see what it actually was.!!

They were the days of June when I had finished my final exams and came home for vacations. We hardly have vacations of 15 days. On the 10th day I was all planning to move to Pune earlier as this time the Campus was going to be held soon. This time I studied well so that I could already sit for the companies who criteria is about 55%. And after exams I was quite sure that m going to cross 55+. So started preparing for the Campus a bit early. For campus I need to buy a pair of formal dress because if tomorrow I had to face any interview I hardly had any formals to wear. So I decided to get a pair of college formals to be stitched. As I told this to my father about the placement he was very happy and overwhelmed. With this excitement he said, “Let’s not waste time, we must purchase them today itself”. As a father he was very happy about my campus. As it was my first interview he was excited too. I was also feeling happy. My father is a big hearted man. If u ask for one, he’ll give u extra. That day the same happened.
In the evening me, my father, mother, siblings set out for shopping. I was annoyed about where was my father taking us for the shopping. We stopped near a showroom of Peter England in the New Cloth Market. I was wondering whether he was taking us to the same shop. And yes he did. We entered the shop. I couldn’t utter a word because I was not getting that is he serious about what’s happening.

Then he asked to show some formal pants. The shopkeeper showed us some very dark pieces of formals. My father told me have a look at them and choose which ever u like. As soon as I heard I was overjoyed and I was fully engrossed in it. I saw some 8-10 pieces and finally choosed a cream color one. Then we shopped for some formal shirts. Actually while shopping I don’t think too much but here I didn’t found any. In a corner I found a very fresh and shiny blue shirt. It took no tym for me to finalize it. In this way the costly shopping was over. But wait there’s something more. My sister and mother were searching from a long tym and found a very nice light navy blue shirt. I tried and finally we took that also. Bill is never an issue when you are shopping with your parents.

Evening when we came back I sorted the clothes and kept them in bag. But just for my curiosity I checked the price tags and I was shocked.!!!

Only the pant’s cost was above 2k!!! And the total summed upto 5k. It was unbelievable. I meant I know our parents love us and give their heart out for their children but my heart was not ready to accept it. Not because it’s price is too big but the expectations behind them were more bigger than I myself had for me.

Frankly speaking I was a bit embarrassed because I was a yeardown student, and this time I had hardly being able to sit for the Campus placement. I just wanted a pair of college formals that we wear regularly in college. I was nervous because I found it difficult to accept that moment!!! But I took no action that day!!!

Then I went to Pune and when the Campus dates were declared I was happy. I logged in to the portal and found that the only company that I could apply for was the Accenture!!! This was less a shock but more a challenge!!!

And that day I took a very important decision that proved a motivation throughout the Campus Placement!!!

That day I decided that untill I get placed in the Campus Placement I will not wear these formals!!!

The day I’ll wear formals will be the day after my Placement and this formals will then be My First Earning…!

This commitment I took when I realized the importance of the new target that I set up before me. The day after I took this commitment I started working for my target. I did all the research and discussions required to reach my target. Being sincere with my commitment I wrapped the clothes nicely and kept them in the bag safely. And my journey began.

Days came and went, they are ment to be. I did aptitude study, reasoning I did. Then I did a lot of reading. Had a number of discussions as GD is also one of the major part of the Campus Placement. There were many such incidence happened when i had no good clothes to wear except the formals but being honest with my commitment I never even touched them. I tell u many times it happened that I had no washed clothes to wear on precious moments but still i stood on my words, never sacrificed them.

I would like to share an incident when it was our department Fresher’s Party. Being one of the organizer I was engaged in the preparations even till the last moment. The party was to begun in half and hour, I came running to my room, got freshed and searched for clothes and I was shocked to see no clothes washed and ironed. Though I was careless still i don’t blame myself because it is my nature of work. When I work I put myself fully into it. Due to which I even forgot to prepare the party. Only thing that I had to wear was the pair of college dress code. It was a pair of sky blue shirt with navy blue pant. The shirt was dirty in the arms and the pant had white patches of dried sweat. I felt embarrassing to wear them. Suddenly my eyes went on the bag. I looked it once. My heart said it’s the best one for the moment. Then I said no, I’ll not sacrifice them for even one event. Then I took my wet towel and slightly moved it from my pants. After 2-3 moves I found the stains removed. Then I wore my blazer on the shirt that hided the arms nicely. After I got ready I found myself okk with my look and to tell u after the party when I was on my room lying on the bed i found myself laughing about the incident. Because when I was in a party I got a number of compliments. And the most surprising was that of the girls. As they were annoyed of the reality I was smiling from inside. In this way many such incidences came but I didn’t compromised them with my commitment.

Slowly days were moving and the recruitment day was coming closer. Finally the day arose for the first round. Me and my friend Shubham left for the college early in the morning. I remember that they were the days of Ganesh Chaturthi. Me and my friend went to the Dagdusheth Halwai Temple. We took the blessings and left for the college. Before the aptitude one of my friend Pooja helped us with the revision of aptitude topics. This boosted our confidence. Then we entered the college and gave the aptitude test. After test we went to Alandi. The results were to be announced in the evening and I got a mail for the next round. I was very happy. Next day I prepared fully for the interview. This day too my friend Pooja helped me to prepare for the interview. That day was a very hectic day. Because though we were called at 8 am in the morning for the interview but there were total 700 students for the interview and finally our group got its turn at evening 4pm. I was frustrated with the management system and that reflected in the interview with a low start. But as am confident on my communication I coped up fast. I saw a glimpse of satisfaction on the face of the interviewers though I made a few mistakes. I came smiling out of the panel.

After 15 days the results were declared. I was sitting in the hall. And the announcement started. It took a long time. I was holding myself towards my heart and the most awaited moment came when the anchor said, ” Samruddha Bhirad…”.

I felt a great relief and took a deep breathe. The journey was completed. I have fulfilled my commitment. I first shared this news with a text message to my parents and friends. It was a great feeling of relaxing and happiness. My heart was full of gratitude. That moment of joy filled my heart so much that I hardly remembered about the formals.

Days passes and the offer letter was in my hand. And a day came when the college students decided to share their experience of placements with the new aspirants. That day I thought at once that I share my thoughts and guide them with whatever I can. And I enrolled for it. Till the morning of the program there was not even a single thought about the formals.

As usual I woke up, got ready and the moment I searched for the dress I found none and then formals struck my mind. And the whole story stood before me as film trailer. My heart felt with deep satisfaction. That day I had no one to share my great satisfaction and happiness regarding the fulfillment of my commitment. But that realization also gave me a reason to share my story with u all. That day and this day are the only time in my life when I have share my experience of the fulfillment of my commitment. 

Truly these pair of formals proved to my first ever earning.

That day I took that bag out and wore the formals for the first time. That day I felt proud to wear them because it was my first earning!!!

What I learned :- Sometimes we need to sacrifice a little for a bigger one.!!!

It’s all about Growing!!!

This is about an year ago. When everything was going good, college life, personal life and was walking confidently towards my goal. I was in my third year BE and the only goal I put forward was to score high, get my aggregate above 55%, and crack anyone of the Company in the upcoming Campus, next year. I was working slowly and steadily towards my aim.

I live in a small town of Alandi, as it’s not my native place, I came here for my graduation. Alandi is a Holy place of Sant Dnyaneshwar. It is called as the WORLD PEACE CENTRE. There is a Temple of Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj who had been a very renounced Sant in the soils of Maharashtra. Alandi is blessed with the holy feet of the Sant and also with the flow of the Holy river Indrayani. On the banks of the River there is the Temple and hence the entire city has created it’s name as one of the well known Pilgrims in India.

On the banks of river Indrayani, is built the beautiful ghat where students of our college come to spend some time. The Indrayani Ghat is very peaceful, it is built on both the sides of the river, there are stairs and sliding path to the river water. That day me and my friends decided to go to the Ghat. Me and friends set off. It was the exam time and we were bored studying for hours. We packed our bags and went to the Ghat from the college back gate. We had a great time. There we did nothing but relaxed and talking with each other and cracking jokes. This is all what a happy life is when you have your beloveds with you, a pleasant place to spend some quality time with.! The cool blowing winds, the huge Ghat, the peace of spirituality, the flow of river and the charming sunset. This filled my heart with happiness and prosperity. Felt a great relief and rejoiced. Then we left for the hostel.

Coming from the Ghat we often cross the back gates of our college and in a corner of our back gates there is a nursery. I usually notice it many times but today I gave some special attention. And then I decided to have a look to the nursery. As soon as we entered we were amazed with the fragment smell of rose. There were a lots of variety of flowers. Though Parijat is my favourite, I love the presence of flowers and the charming smell of wet soil. I didn’t planned but I am a great admirer of Holy Basil, Tulsi. And I took a small sapling of Tulsi. Sapling is not enough then I took a brown color pot to place it, grow it. When I was leaving the place suddenly i found a handing pot that amazed me alot. Instantly I suggested to purchase it. But what to do with the empty pot!!? And then the Gardner suggested me to take this creeper. It was a beautiful plant with spreaded green stems and colourful flowers of blue, magenta, pink, violets,etc. I loved it and I brought it.
In my room I have a window above the study table. That was the only place where I could keep my Tulsi plant with half window open. And to keep the other one I purchased a hanging one and hung it on the windows of the corridors.

Dayz passed and the plants were growing. I used to water them full daily in the morning. Tulsi is very pure. When I was small my mother used to place some leaves of Tulsi under my tongue before going for exams. She told me not to eat them until u finish the paper. Once finished eat them. I never asked reason because I liked it’s taste, freshness and purity. Weeks after one of my friend Pavan came to Alandi. He saw the plant, liked it and asked for it. I gave him without uttering a single word.















Many a times in life, time comes when u have to make choice while sharing things and many time we are so much attached to things, people and conditions that we can’t bear even to think of sacrifice a little about it.


But life doesn’t stop,

Either we fail or win,

Either we are sad or happy,

Either we hold or loose,

Life never stops,

It’s all about Growing.

But then one day I found the stems leaving it’s freshness and the plant was covered with a white sticky larva. It covered the stems and roots if the plant. The plant almost stop growing the flowers stopped blooming. The sapping was caught by some infection which started degrading the plant. I was getting nervous as I was unable to help from suffering. Then I decided to was the stems with water and remove the sticky larva. I did it once and found that it’s too sticky. I needed to wash my hands twice after cleaning. But again after some days the condition remained the same. The plant was again covered with the sticky larva. I again washed it. Again it used to come and used to wash. After some dayz I got fedup of these tedious and donkey work. Even I refused to give a watch to the plant. Some times I even ignored it also. But couldn’t do that for longer. One undone sunday I decided to cut the stems of the plant so that the root of the problem will be uprooted forever. I took the plant and a gillete blade. Now I started cutting the stems from the base leaving a small part. Slowly all the stems were uprooted and the big full plant was turned into empty and unpleasant one. I was happy that I cured the disease. But suddenly I realize that though I cured the disease but I lost the plant.

I was stunned with the scene. I never expected this anymore. I was upset. Though it was just a plant but my feeling and emotions for the small plant was beyond that. I felt the freshness when the flowers were blooming in the spring, I felt the pain when the larva degraded the plant. When the larva covered the plant, I found myself being called by someone for help who is being stucked in a problem. And my concern towards the needy was very genuine and immediate. But when I had cured the disease I was happy for curing it but got shocked when I found the the thing that the patient I was curing was no more. There was only the soil and some half left roots n stems of the plant.

I was very upset and don’t guess wat to do further. I was sure that I have lost someone truly worthy of being with me. But I was useless. I was so upset and hopeless that I impacted on my daily routine also. I was constantly thing of the scene whereever I go.

Dayz passed and the incident left an ever lasting impact on me. My self often questioned me, argued with me and filled me with guilt. Why I did this? Was my intention unclear,untrue?

One fine day I woke up late and started preparing for my college in a hurry. I brushed my teeth and flushed up in hurry. After bathing it’s my daily habit of washing my clothes and put them for drying in the corridors of my room. The place is just beside the hanging plant. I came out with wet hair on towel, rinsed the soaked clothes and as soon I placed them on the bars I suddenly noticed the plant. Initially i was surprised and then I was happy. Though I was late for my college but still I gave 2 minutes and gave some attention to the miracle. Yes it was a miracle because I don’t knew it’s reason. That day I was very happy and was filled with full of hopes. But the question remains the same that what made me amazed with that one scene? Even though I was late why did I gave 2 minutes? Why that 2 minutes gave me the happiness throughout the day?? There are many such questions that raised in my mind that day. That day I did all the classes, practicals and lived each moment with complete zeal. But u might be surprised that what actually happened that made me so happy!! So here it is.

That morning when I saw the pot which I ruined by cutting stems and roots was enlightened with a small, new and fresh stem with green little leaves. there was no water from dayz, no special care, no fertilizer to nourish, even the original plant was destroyed by me thoroughly. But still a small little angel grew like a small ray of hope. It had nothing in favour neither the soil nor the condition but still it showed the courage to take a new birth in the worst condition. This is what amazed me. Because though whatever the conditions are in life either good or bad nothing remains constant and they won’t define you, but what’s constant is the nature of Growing!!!

That day I made a firm commitment to myself that even if it’s the last day of my life still I’ll be happy to start a new innings.

After that day I took good care of that small plant. I watered it daily and adequately. Someday later the small leaves grew into big stems as can be seen in the picture. Along with it some more stems also grew along with that stem. These were the children of the same roots that I have destroyed earlier.

Important lessons:

  • Ups and downs never define us they are just to design our destiny.
  • Conditions, things and people are stationary don’t get attached with them.
  • Change is the only Constant in the World.
  • Never give up.
  • Even it’s the last day if my life I’ll still plant a new seed.
  • It’s all about Growing.

Peep in your life and see your life with open eyes. See the beauty, happiness and joy. Don’t over exaggerate. Don’t close ur eyes when it’s the worst time. See the sadness, sorrow, sufferings, etc. Don’t lower when u suffer because they are not constant. It’s going to change.















Equanimity is the path of Enlightenment.


After that incident I always took care of my plants, people, my relations and mee of course. Because whatever happens what is good is always needed to be cared and not left…!

Why Politics…?

I was a person who loves being jolly, crack jokes and spend time with my beloved. Good in academics, art lover and ambitious about my future. It was all going very smooth. But sudden something happened that changed all my plans, views and perceptions.

After my SSC Board Examinations I choosed to take admission in Amravati. As moving out of my hometown Akola, to fulfill my aspirations was my main purpose. But I never knew what God had served for me!

I got admission in Govt.Polytechnic Amravati and stayed at the college hostel. I was very annoyed with the hostel traditions. But then there were seniors who taught us forcefully we did without uttering a word against them. One day me and my room partner Karan were sitting in our room and suddenly the door knocked. I opened it and unsurprisingly, it was one of our seniors who was shorted weighted. Even if I put my head down my eyes could clearly catch his shirt buttons. We wished him good evening and he asked us to sir on our own beds. Our heads were down and he was saying something that never suited his personality. He then gave us a paper. It was the intro. There was a tradition in our hostel i.e, intro. It’s never less than Ragging. But the only difference was the seniors were never allowed to force someone physically to any of a hostel mate. If done then he was being expelled.

Intro is a long format for introducing yourself to the seniors orally without a single pause. The format was quite easy but saying it in one breathe was a great challenge. And that was the only tool on which the seniors would trouble hardly. It was not an easy task. Even if we stop for a millisecond the senior ordered us to repeat it again. And this foolish game used to go on till the seniors get on satisfied and we get tired.

That he gave us the format and told us to be present in his room sharp at 10pm. All the first year ENTC students gathered and went in to the senior’s room. All the seniors were sitting and looking like hungry animals. And as usually the game started. One after the other of my colleagues were taken on board for intro and asked to repeat untill he says it in one single breathe. Then comes my turn.

My head was down with sweating hands due nervousness and heart beating with the speed of the fan. And then I started with a low voice,“Good evening sir, my name is samruddha bhirad…”, and as expected I was asked to repeat for number if times. Many a times it happened that when I used to come to the last line describing our aim and lastly our birthday, I used to forget either of the above mentioned. Then again starting it again was a very tough task. But still there was no option.

In one of the attempt I was going well and then the line came, “…..the aim of my life is to become a Well Educated Politician and work for my country….”, as soon as I uttered these words I was stopped. One of my senior from my district laughed and asked me to repeat my aim, I did it as he asked. He laughed even louder I was puzzled then he uttered out of laughter,”… if u want to be a politician then what r u doing here.!??? Just leave studies and join politics.!!! Hearing this I felt did I crack a joke! Then my mind said u r serious dear. Immediately others also started laughing and cracking jokes. And that day I found a problem, it’s caused and it’s solution.

That words were not just the words but were a challenge for me.

After the laughter there was a silence and my heart was left with a deep discussion with myself. Then I was not even taking interest in the intro session. After a while we left the room and were coming downstairs chatting with my friends. One of my friend Parag said, “u have a good thought. There is a need of educated politicians in our country and he left away.”

When I was think on that point on and on I was getting deeper and deeper. Many questions were taking place into my mind clinging for answers. Why Politics is like the senior defined? Is Politics bad? If yes then why it is the important part of our country? Is Politics for only uneducated people? Does education pays no role in politics? Who is bad the politics or the people? I was getting deeper and deeper. I look around I found very interested thing.

  • In our nation’s there are people who don’t vote but never take the challenge to be a part of the system.
  • People curse politicians but never try to become a good leader.
  • People complain but don’t like to follow rules.
  • Politics is bad but they still expect good work from the politicians.

And more to list. What lies being such thinking? It’s the PERSPECTIVE itself!!

The field of politics is polluted like the river ganga. Politics is a art constructive change in the social, economic conditions of a person and a Nation. But after some limited period it was used as a tool to suffice personal aspirations of individuals by paralysing the objectives of constructive Politics.

It was never to divide people but it is to unite for one India.

It was never to fill the pockets of fewer but it is to give equal opportunity for life and growth to every citizen of this country.

It was never to suppress others voice but to build a platform for all kinds of views.

It was never to war but to sit together and discuss our issues and solve amongst them.

It was never about education but about learning accepting all types of views.

Do we truly know what really Politics is.? Ask your heart. If not let me sum up in a short.

POLITICS is Constructive… it’s never Destructive..!!!

and we are tending away from constructivism…!

Then I thought it’s the thing that led me through here. And then I decided that it’s only Politics, nothing else can be a more better choice.

Many a times I face criticism about politics. Family and friends say that it’s bad don’t do that. I say them it’s not bad. One of my friend Ashish said to me that, Rather than being Politician be a Social Worker. That will be must better for u. I thought for a while and came to a conclusion that social workers are the failure products of politicians. If they would have had worked sincerely then the workers would have never being raising the issues of the common man.

I then decided to work for modifying the perspective for Politics Into Constructive Politics in a particular phase of my life by completing all my studies and responsibilities. Today it’s 7 long years passed and I am on the verge of becoming and engineer. I would further study to pursue my aspirations but the ultimate goal will remain the same, Constructive Politics.

If I could get to give something to my nation, it would be my name in real sense.

SAMRUDDHA BHARATa prosperous India…!

Jai Hind Jai Bharat.k