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Bengal 2021 Exit Polls

Few Important Observations from Past Elections. Bengal has never given a fractured mandate in the last 40 years. There has been a full majority Government every time. This means that the people of Bengal get the sense of Political winds very quickly and so the majority shifts into the winning ship. Also in Bengal if … Continue reading Bengal 2021 Exit Polls

Farmers Protest

Why are the farmers protesting against the Central Government ?
What are their demands ?

My Bihar 2020 Exit Poll

Bihar Elections Prediction RJD: According to me RJD has understood that their MY formula is not sufficient to win the elections and the BJP-JDU have successfully defeated this formula. So by understanding their limitations the RJD has chalked out a new formula of Social Engineering where it has consolidated its core and focused on making … Continue reading My Bihar 2020 Exit Poll

Entertainment or Propaganda?

Yesterday I was watching the film Kedarnath, inspired by the acting of Sushant Singh Rajput. I loved his acting a lot and the theme as well. But then I observed few traits which shows us how Films are used as Soft targets to propagate hidden agendas. In Kedarnath the script is basically a love story … Continue reading Entertainment or Propaganda?

Sena giving up ‘HINDUTVA’

Maharashtra Elections held in Oct-Nov 2019 has seen the biggest drama in the History of State Politics. Where we saw that the two hardcore Rightist Parties departed on the issue of CM post. Sena-NCP-Cong allied to corner the Devendra Fadnavis led BJP in Maharashtra. This is less surprising as this is a common trait in … Continue reading Sena giving up ‘HINDUTVA’

Sabarimala Tradition

We all are aware of the Sabarimala Verdict by the SC. The Supreme Court has abolished the ban on Women between the age group of 10-50 which is their fertile years. Earlier the Kerala High Court had maintained the ban where the State Government itself supported this position in 1991. Now the issue has come … Continue reading Sabarimala Tradition

Navratri Special

MaaShakti On this Festival of Navratri, lets give our first tribute to the first and the most deserving Women in our Life. She hardly receives any attention or rewards. So this is a small tribute to our Mothers! Thank You Maa… Today, Whatever I am, Its just because of You…!


CJI Dipak Misra retired last month. Before retiring he gave a series of  crucial decisions among which the Decision to scrap 497 was one of them. In the following we will be covering the major aspects of the law along with the advancement made in the law. Marriage: When there is a couple who builds … Continue reading Adultery

Indian Air Force Day 2018 (IAF Day)

On 8th of October 1932, Indian Air Force was Established. So we celebrate 8th of October as the IAF Day. This is a small tribute to the Brave Forces of our Nation. – Jai Hind! – Jai Bharat!

Gandhi Jayanti 2018

This is a Small Tribute to the Father of Our Nation!!! You must have shocked that what is the 4th one doing there. Don’t get suprise it’s just the latest one which completely relates us with the Modern India. Since Independence India has undergone multiple advances and development. Similarly Computer has changed its shape from … Continue reading Gandhi Jayanti 2018

Rafale Deal in Short!

  Why we need Rafale Fighter Jets? India has Pakistan to its west and China to its East. So when there is a war like condition India should have the potential to fight on both the fronts at the same time. To be able to fight on both fronts we need 42-45 squadrons of Fighter Jets and … Continue reading Rafale Deal in Short!

Pakoda Politics

One of the latest and the hottest topic in politics. Usually any controversy revolves around a person or an issue. But this time it’s very interesting because this time it’s neither person nor an issue but a simple ‘Pakoda‘. It all started with an interview when the PM Narendra Modi was asked to reply on … Continue reading Pakoda Politics

My First Earning!!

I had a deep sleep and awoke afresh. Got ready and tookout the bag from the shelf. Gently I dusted it as it was full of dirt and dust. I pulled the chain and took the pair or nicely wrapped pair of formal dress from the bag. These formals consisted of a plain blue shirt with … Continue reading My First Earning!!

Why Politics…?

I was a person who loves being jolly, crack jokes and spend time with my beloved. Good in academics, art lover and ambitious about my future. It was all going very smooth. But sudden something happened that changed all my plans, views and perceptions. After my SSC Board Examinations I choosed to take admission in … Continue reading Why Politics…?

MCD Election Results 2017:

MCD Election Results 2017: A lesson for The Aam Aadami Party.  After the Long Election procedure the Delhi MCD Election Results were declared on 26th of April with BJP winning all the three Municipal Corporations by winning 181 out of 270 seat and defeating AAP with 48 seats and Congress with 30 seats. MCD Elections … Continue reading MCD Election Results 2017:

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