Sena giving up ‘HINDUTVA’

Maharashtra Elections held in Oct-Nov 2019 has seen the biggest drama in the History of State Politics. Where we saw that the two hardcore Rightist Parties departed on the issue of CM post. Sena-NCP-Cong allied to corner the Devendra Fadnavis led BJP in Maharashtra.

This is less surprising as this is a common trait in Politics, but whats more astonishing is the change in the stands of Sena on certain issues especially when it comes to ideology. Lets go through it in a series.

1. The day of the depart is very important. It was a day before the verdict of the most controversial case of RamJanma Bhoomi. Both the parties were at the forefront in this issue from the time, Balasaheb took a firm stand on RamJanma bhoomi. Together BJP-Sena’s whole life went fighting for Ram Mandir. But indeed just a day before the Precious Verdict, the Sena departed with their longest partner.

2. After the verdict the Sena Chief said that he will visit Ayodhya on 24th Nov. But it took more than 100 days for a party with Hindutva Ideology to pay tribute to his ideal. This shows the attitude of the Sena Chief towards the Ideology.

3. In January there was an issue errupted when the Cong released a booklet defaming Swatantra Veer Savarkar. So the grandson of Veer Savarkar, Ranjit Savarkar raised his voice against it and for support he reached out to CM of Maharashtra. But surprisingly the permission was denied. This showed how the Ideals become less important after gaining power. This attitude showed clearly that there is some settlement within the trio.

4. Recently one incident happened where a young girl named Karishma raised her voice against the Loudspeaker on Mosques. As loudspeaker not an integral part of the religion as said by the Allahabad High Court. She was upheld for her bravery by may right wing parties and organisations. But Sena is seen distancing from her. No one even tweeted for her. People are doubting whether this is the same sena who first embraced the car sevaks who demolished the controversial Babri Mosque Tomb.

5. The same trend was noticed yesterday. On the Day of Aashadi Ekadashi.

a. Firstly the CM son Left the most auspicious Aashadi Ekadashi Pooja in the middle and sat in the car. Many people said that he might be feeling suffocated.

b. Then after the pooja, people noticed that the CM did not put tilaks on their forehead which is an auspecious ritual in every pooja or temple.

c. In the Afternoon on news came which shook the party. Everyone tried to clear the issue but the beans were already spelled. The thing decided that was all the Padukas from different temples across Maharashtra were to be brought to Pandharpur by Bus and all the expenses were to be beared by the Maharashtra Government. But in the afternoon a news got viral that a minister took 71000/- mount for the Bus provided to the Nivruttinath Maharaj Paduka Mandal. As the ministers and other party people rushed to cover the issue, the CM and his party has to face embarassment.

All these series of incidents are symbolic and have a common message for the masses. That the Ideology is kept aside by the people for the sake of Power. And today each and every person not only miss the Strong Hearted Balasaheb Thackeray but also his commitment towards his Ideology, Hindutva.

Sena giving up ‘HINDUTVA’