Gandhi Jayanti 2018

This is a Small Tribute to the Father of Our Nation!!!
You must have shocked that what is the 4th one doing there. Don’t get suprise it’s just the latest one which completely relates us with the Modern India.
Since Independence India has undergone multiple advances and development. Similarly Computer has changed its shape from as large as the room to the hands. Today Mobile has become one of the most useful device which has replaced many things. This helped man to ease the tedious of the tedious jobs. But humans have taken it beyond a specific purpose. Today humans have become more dependent on mobiles.
Social Change: Due to Social Networking Sites a man can connect with a person with in any corner of the world. Truely we can say that Internet has shortened the distance between two people. But its not the whole scenario. If mobile is able to connect two corners of the world then it also has created distances with ur immediate neighbors as well. Today people are so engrossed in their own world that they hardly have any attention around themselves. Youth are more prone to this condition as they are more friendly with this technology. If we ask people of one generation earlier, they would tell how they used to build their relations only with vocal and real communications. Today it’s getting lappsed. We as a human being must get aware of these things that we are humans first.
Man has made machine for comfort and not for peace and happiness.
Machines are to be used and humans are to be Loved.
There are many advantages of the Mobile too but at last machines are machines, they cannot replace a single man.
If Gandhiji would have been there today he would have unfortunately involved this 4th Monkey with the three!!!