Why Politics…?

I was a person who loves being jolly, crack jokes and spend time with my beloved. Good in academics, art lover and ambitious about my future. It was all going very smooth. But sudden something happened that changed all my plans, views and perceptions.

After my SSC Board Examinations I choosed to take admission in Amravati. As moving out of my hometown Akola, to fulfill my aspirations was my main purpose. But I never knew what God had served for me!

I got admission in Govt.Polytechnic Amravati and stayed at the college hostel. I was very annoyed with the hostel traditions. But then there were seniors who taught us forcefully we did without uttering a word against them. One day me and my room partner Karan were sitting in our room and suddenly the door knocked. I opened it and unsurprisingly, it was one of our seniors who was shorted weighted. Even if I put my head down my eyes could clearly catch his shirt buttons. We wished him good evening and he asked us to sir on our own beds. Our heads were down and he was saying something that never suited his personality. He then gave us a paper. It was the intro. There was a tradition in our hostel i.e, intro. It’s never less than Ragging. But the only difference was the seniors were never allowed to force someone physically to any of a hostel mate. If done then he was being expelled.

Intro is a long format for introducing yourself to the seniors orally without a single pause. The format was quite easy but saying it in one breathe was a great challenge. And that was the only tool on which the seniors would trouble hardly. It was not an easy task. Even if we stop for a millisecond the senior ordered us to repeat it again. And this foolish game used to go on till the seniors get on satisfied and we get tired.

That he gave us the format and told us to be present in his room sharp at 10pm. All the first year ENTC students gathered and went in to the senior’s room. All the seniors were sitting and looking like hungry animals. And as usually the game started. One after the other of my colleagues were taken on board for intro and asked to repeat untill he says it in one single breathe. Then comes my turn.

My head was down with sweating hands due nervousness and heart beating with the speed of the fan. And then I started with a low voice,“Good evening sir, my name is samruddha bhirad…”, and as expected I was asked to repeat for number if times. Many a times it happened that when I used to come to the last line describing our aim and lastly our birthday, I used to forget either of the above mentioned. Then again starting it again was a very tough task. But still there was no option.

In one of the attempt I was going well and then the line came, “…..the aim of my life is to become a Well Educated Politician and work for my country….”, as soon as I uttered these words I was stopped. One of my senior from my district laughed and asked me to repeat my aim, I did it as he asked. He laughed even louder I was puzzled then he uttered out of laughter,”… if u want to be a politician then what r u doing here.!??? Just leave studies and join politics.!!! Hearing this I felt did I crack a joke! Then my mind said u r serious dear. Immediately others also started laughing and cracking jokes. And that day I found a problem, it’s caused and it’s solution.

That words were not just the words but were a challenge for me.

After the laughter there was a silence and my heart was left with a deep discussion with myself. Then I was not even taking interest in the intro session. After a while we left the room and were coming downstairs chatting with my friends. One of my friend Parag said, “u have a good thought. There is a need of educated politicians in our country and he left away.”

When I was think on that point on and on I was getting deeper and deeper. Many questions were taking place into my mind clinging for answers. Why Politics is like the senior defined? Is Politics bad? If yes then why it is the important part of our country? Is Politics for only uneducated people? Does education pays no role in politics? Who is bad the politics or the people? I was getting deeper and deeper. I look around I found very interested thing.

  • In our nation’s there are people who don’t vote but never take the challenge to be a part of the system.
  • People curse politicians but never try to become a good leader.
  • People complain but don’t like to follow rules.
  • Politics is bad but they still expect good work from the politicians.

And more to list. What lies being such thinking? It’s the PERSPECTIVE itself!!

The field of politics is polluted like the river ganga. Politics is a art constructive change in the social, economic conditions of a person and a Nation. But after some limited period it was used as a tool to suffice personal aspirations of individuals by paralysing the objectives of constructive Politics.

It was never to divide people but it is to unite for one India.

It was never to fill the pockets of fewer but it is to give equal opportunity for life and growth to every citizen of this country.

It was never to suppress others voice but to build a platform for all kinds of views.

It was never to war but to sit together and discuss our issues and solve amongst them.

It was never about education but about learning accepting all types of views.

Do we truly know what really Politics is.? Ask your heart. If not let me sum up in a short.

POLITICS is Constructive… it’s never Destructive..!!!

and we are tending away from constructivism…!

Then I thought it’s the thing that led me through here. And then I decided that it’s only Politics, nothing else can be a more better choice.

Many a times I face criticism about politics. Family and friends say that it’s bad don’t do that. I say them it’s not bad. One of my friend Ashish said to me that, Rather than being Politician be a Social Worker. That will be must better for u. I thought for a while and came to a conclusion that social workers are the failure products of politicians. If they would have had worked sincerely then the workers would have never being raising the issues of the common man.

I then decided to work for modifying the perspective for Politics Into Constructive Politics in a particular phase of my life by completing all my studies and responsibilities. Today it’s 7 long years passed and I am on the verge of becoming and engineer. I would further study to pursue my aspirations but the ultimate goal will remain the same, Constructive Politics.

If I could get to give something to my nation, it would be my name in real sense.

SAMRUDDHA BHARATa prosperous India…!

Jai Hind Jai Bharat.k